Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Digital Inundation

Strange things happen during Humanities when the BYU Basketball team has a chance at the Elite 8

Did anyone else notice the unnatural number of articles relating to digital culture in The Daily Universe today?

On the front page:
Provo Mayor Connects with Community Through Blogging
Politicians Discovering Benifits of Social Media

In the Opinion section:
Twitter-pated: In Resounding Defense of Twitter
Accompanied by a survey:
"What piece of technology could you not live without?"

And finally, what would The Daily Universe be without at least one story about sports?
Social Media Playing a Bigger Role in Sports

Am I becoming paranoid about digital culture? I pointed out the unusual number of articles to my friend and she hadn't even noticed.  I find it interesting how my perspective has changed since starting this blog. I was an avid facebook-er before but I did not know about all of the other tools that can be used to share one's ideas with a larger audience. I really enjoy exploring the digital frontier and am excited for what is in store.


  1. Now I'm thoroughly upset that I didn't read the DU today, not a feeling I normally have lol.

  2. I find that the more I am in this class the more I am starting to notice things about digital culture that I never have before. I am finding connections in all my class and in life as well. It is amazing how unobservant we can really be.