Friday, May 27, 2011

Helping Ashley with Jane Eyre through LION

2. As mentioned before I love the novel Jane Eyre. My goal is to help my classmate Ashley find useful research using the online database Literature Online (LION).

It looks like she is focusing on connections between Jane Eyre and the author/reader response to it of other literary and artistic works.

3. LION is a database that compiles full_text articles from nine other literary databases that deal with English poetry and drama, 18th century fiction, American and African poetry, and Shakespeare. 

4. I wasn't sure where to start so I typed "Jane Eyre" AND criticism AND response in the search box. I found a few articles that looked interesting from the Bronte Studies Journal but could not find the text online. Bronte Studies is dedicated to research and further study of everything relating to the Bronte Family. If any of the articles look interesting to Ashley she may be able to request them through the Interlibrary Loan. I continued searching and found something interesting.

5. Source Citation:
McKee, Patricia. "Racial Strategies in Jane Eyre." Victorian Literature and Culture 37.1 (2009): 67-83. Web. 27 May 2011. <>.

6. Glancing at the title of this article, it seems to have little to do with Ashley's topic, but reading the summary gave me another avenue of research. The summary mentions Ann Laura Stoler who "has argued [that] racism in the nineteenth century depended on flexible rather than fixed criteria." This may be helpful at looking at how people responded to Jane Eyre when it was published and why Bronte included some of the things she did.

7. While I'm not sure how helpful the actual article I found will be to Ashley's research, I discovered a few useful searching techniques that I had not really considered before. Looking through an article related to what you are searching for can lead you down the path to finding other articles that are more useful and focused on your topic.

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