Thursday, May 19, 2011

If it's Popsicle, it's Possible!

Tonight I went to my friends' wedding reception (Congrats Sam and Dallin!). It was super cute and a lot of fun. They both looked very happy and Sam's dress was gorgeous. The cool thing about the reception was that it was held in a plant nursery. What a neat idea! I love going to wedding receptions and looking at the creative things people come up with.

Before we headed off to the reception, we decided it would be best to stop by Target and get a few gifts. Have you ever realized just how ingenious gift registries are? I guess the down side is you already know ahead of time exactly what you will be getting, but what did we do before people could tell us precisely what and how many of something they wanted? I imagine there were many more gifts returned than were actually kept. For example, I would have never known that my friends had the desire to own the eclectic mix of movies including The Neverending Story, Goonies, Robots, Becoming Jane, and Star Trek. They also wanted a rather large cooler that my friend conveniently stocked with popsicles, hence the coupon. Technology is making our lives ever easier, but is it taking away the little surprises in life? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure gift registries save lives.

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  1. Today in my Psychology class we were discussing whether or not technological advance is inevitable or not. My professor argued that we accept it as inevitable and therefore do not question whether it's actually good or bad to have in our lives. I think it would be cool if a substantial percent of marrying couples decided not to register with gift companies and, like you said, looked forward to the surprise. I like technological advance, but I think it would be a better tool if it were used more selectively/sparingly.